Report: Miami Dolphins, Ndamukong Suh agree to $114M deal

MMQB Mailbag: Guide to NFL Free Agency
MMQB Mailbag: Guide to NFL Free Agency

NFL Free Agency doesn't open until later this week, but the Miami Dolphins have already earmarked the best player on the market. Nothing can be made official until Tuesday, but when that happens, the Dolphins are expected to hand Ndamukong Suh the massive contract he desired heading into free agency.

According to Chris Mortensen from ESPN, the Miami Dolphins will be signing Suh on Tuesday to a $114 million contract.

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Suh grabbing $60 million guaranteed proves that no matter what his reputation on the field is, the man is desired in the NFL and there are teams that would break the bank to get him. Miami has gone big on free agents in the past, but Suh is a world mover who could instantly put the franchise on the right track.

There's a flip side to this celebration in Miami though, as this is a huge loss for the Detroit Lions. They just lost the plug of their defense which may set them way back on that side of the ball. A lot of what made Detroit so ferocious was their defense, which routinely bailed out Matthew Stafford and the offense on numerous occasions.

Detroit still has pieces there to be a great defense, but the damage of losing Suh might be too great to overcome, at least initially.

Meanwhile, signing Suh is a big win for the Dolphins - which seems obvious but there are a few different reasons as to why it's big for them.

For starters, Suh is going to be a massive presence on the defensive line, and he's a gam changer in the he can help turn a franchise around. The Lions weren't all that unlike the Dolphins a few years ago and Suh helped put them on the map.

Now that Miami s invested in Suh, he's going to be the face of the franchise in a big way, beefing up the defense and taking pressure off of Ryan Tannehill in what could be his most crucial year as a starter.

Miami is going big with Suh - both in attitude and money - and this is a gamble that needs to pay off. But if it does, this could be the turning point for the franchise that makes them the winners they've long desired to be.

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