'Wheel of Fortune' contestant comes THIS close to getting seven dwarfs puzzle right

Another Epic Fail on 'Wheel of Fortune'
Another Epic Fail on 'Wheel of Fortune'

How many of Snow White's seven dwarfs could you name? One 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant learned the hard way that poor Sneaky (or 'Sneeky' as it would have been spelled on the board) definitely wasn't part of the group.

At first, Tara from Ohio was totally nailing a puzzle in the 'Characters' category. With a $10,000 cash prize on the line, she went for it, whipping through Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy and Happy -- but messing up on Sneezy.

As the audience audibly groans, Pat Sajak just says a bummed out "sorry."

A fellow (dare we say sneaky?!) contestant swoops in and easily snags the puzzle from Tara. Don't feel too bad for her, though. She walked away with over $12,000 -- and perhaps a new appreciation for those dwarfs.

Of course this is hardly the first 'Wheel' fail that has made us groan. One moment from back in April was pretty bad when a contestant mispronounced "Achilles."

Oh, and who could forget this puzzle? While guessing popular song lyrics, one contestant said "Surf Clay Where We Go" instead of "Surf City Here We Come." Totally off-tune.

Which fail made you laugh (or sigh) the most? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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