Store owner sues $1M lottery winner for half the winnings

Store Owner Sues $1M Lottery Winner For Half The Winnings
Store Owner Sues $1M Lottery Winner For Half The Winnings

When lucky customers hit the jackpot, store owners usually get a nice bonus just for selling the ticket. A liquor store owner in Northern California has filed a lawsuit against a woman who landed a million dollar lottery prize.

In December of last year, 53-year-old Eva Reyes won a thousand dollars off a ticket that she purchased from Laxmi Bhardwaj's store. She claims to have given him $100 as a kind gesture and she also hoped that act would increase her luck.

In January, she went back to the store and purchased two ten dollar tickets, one of which contained the million dollar prize. Typically a store owner gets a percentage of the winning prize and in this case, the California State Lottery has reportedly paid his $5000 share.

However, Reyes admits to signing a piece of paper which promised to give Bhardwaj a portion of her winnings. She says the amount she signed her name to was $50,000 while the store owner claims it is $350,000, or about half of total winnings after taxes.

Reyes' attorney believes someone added in the number 3 to the $50,000 total. Until the matter is resolved, $350,000 has been put into a separate account. Reyes had initially planned on paying off her home and taking a long trip to Hawaii with the money.

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