Restaurants that offer dog-friendly 'secret' snacks

Which Restaurants Have "Secret Menus" for Your Dog?
Which Restaurants Have "Secret Menus" for Your Dog?

According to, several major restaurants offer a secret dog-friendly menu -- though you'll definitely want to consult a vet before letting Fido indulge.

At Starbucks, they have a "Puppucino." It's a decadent treat, so you'll want to order these sparingly, if at all. It's a small cup filled with whipped cream, so make sure your dog doesn't have issues consuming a little dairy.

Who doesn't love ice cream? Dairy Queen has another sweet treat for your best friend: the Pup Cup. It's a "dog-friendly" amount of vanilla soft serve with a doggie treat on top. Some dogs -- like humans -- are lactose intolerant, so be sure your pooch gets the OK before you serve up this snack.

We started with dessert, but we can't forget the main course.

Johnny Rockets has a 'burger' just for your dog. They hold the bun, but if you dine al fresco, you can order a beef patty, which comes with a bowl of water on the side to wash it down.

Other secret menus the site uncovered include: Tim Hortons' sugar free Timbits, Sonic drive-in doggie treats, and doggie cupcakes from Sprinkles (they are sugar free and have yogurt frosting).

Here are some cute dogs, because ... well, do we really need a reason?

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