Octopus grabs researcher's camera and shows off its photography skills

Octopus Grabs Researcher's Camera And Shows Off Its Photography Skills

Octopuses have multiple neural processing centers, so it shouldn't be too surprising that they can perform some pretty impressive feats -- but taking photos? That's a talent we didn't know they possessed.

One octopus recently snatched a camera and used it to snap some photos of a media producer who'd stopped by for a visit.

Octopus grabs camera
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Octopus grabs researcher's camera and shows off its photography skills
Facebook/Middlebury College

The cephalopod also ended up with a lot of shots of its own tentacles, but it's the portraits that are getting the bulk of the attention, becoming an instant social media hit.

It all started when Ben Savard showed up at the neuroscience department at Middlebury College in Vermont to grab some footage of the octopuses they use for student research.

While there, he set up a GoPro camera to take rapid shots, enclosed it in a waterproof case and dropped it into the tank.

One of the octopuses seized the device -- and the opportunity -- and became the photographer rather than the subject.

Savard posted two of the images it took on Reddit, and the photos quickly worked their way to the top.

In response to accusations that the pictures had been staged, Savard made and shared a montage of the shoot (check that GIF out in the gallery above).

Speaking of octopuses, did you see this terrifying viral vid in late February? It shows a crab's leisurely day taking a pretty horrific turn when an octopus jumps out of nowhere and snatches it up -- on land. That's further proof that octopuses are pretty much preparing to take over the world.

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