Men shown to be more narcissistic than women

Men Shown To Be More Narcissistic Than Women
Men Shown To Be More Narcissistic Than Women

Men show more narcissistic tendencies than women.

This is the primary finding from an extensive study led by the University at Buffalo School of Management.

Researchers examined data from over 31 years of articles, dissertations and manuals, and across 475,000 participants to determine gender biases when it comes to the inflated sense of one's own importance and abilities.

In their assessment, they found that "men consistently scored higher in narcissism across multiple generations and regardless of age."

They believe this may happen because gender stereotypes often discourage assertive actions in women.

Of the three components of narcissism that were examined, entitlement showed the biggest gap, indicating that men exploit and expect privileges much more than women.

The second most significant differential was in leadership and authority where men were found to have a greater desire for power.

No difference was found in exhibitionism with both displaying equal amounts of vanity or self-absorption.

Researchers note that although narcissism can lead to unethical behavior and aggression, it can also boost self-esteem and promote leadership qualities.

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