Kelly Clarkson's bad-ass response to weight-shamers

Kelly Clarkson to Weight-Shamers: 'Screw 'Em'
Kelly Clarkson to Weight-Shamers: 'Screw 'Em'

Kelly Clarkson has just two words for people who criticize her figure...

"Screw 'em," said Kelly Clarkson on "Watch What Happens Live."

You tell 'em, girl! Kelly's strong stance against the body-shamers made headlines this week after British personality Katie Hopkins tweeted nasty comments about her weight.

And the singer told Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" Thursday what doesn't kill her does indeed make her stronger. (Video via RCA Records / Kelly Clarkson)

"I think, like, I've never really pleased everyone. It doesn't matter what I do. If I'm too fat, then when I'm skinny, I'm too clothed, and if I'm not clothed... It's just, you can't ever win," said Kelly.

"Yeah," said Andy.

Team Clarkson! Kelly fans on Twitter were loving her spunky response to her haters' negative remarks.

And, as Kelly herself later pointed out, she's got too many other awesome things on her plate right now to worry about what bullies have to say about her body.

Her newest album, "Piece by Piece" debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200 this week, she's heading out on a huge North American tour this summer and her baby daughter River Rose is simply too cute to handle.

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