Crows leave gifts for kind-hearted girl who feeds them

Crows Leave Gifts For Kind-Hearted Girl
Crows Leave Gifts For Kind-Hearted Girl

An 8-year-old girl who's been feeding crows for years is finding they're leaving gifts for her.

According to the podcast "The BitterSweet Life," Gabi Mann feeds the crows in her Seattle backyard everyday. It started as an accident when Gabi was four she kept dropping food. The crows started watching her like a hawk ... or a crow.

Eventually, Gabi started feeding them on a daily basis, and that's when she noticed the birds were leaving her presents. They'd drop shiny trinkets like earrings, polished rocks, buttons, beads, and a variety of other tiny offerings.

A 2014 study published in Plos One found crows are much smarter than previously believed. In fact, they are capable of solving some puzzles just as well as a seven year old child.

It's nice that Gabi has such good friends in high places.

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