Chicago high school student's fake Harvard rejection letter goes viral

This Fake Harvard Rejection Letter Is Going Viral
This Fake Harvard Rejection Letter Is Going Viral

by WGN Web Desk

CHICAGO - A student at Francis W. Parker School in Chicago has written a hilarious fake rejection letter from Harvard University that the Internet can't stop talking about.

Molly McGaan, 18, wrote the letter for her school's satirical magazine "Citizen Poke," and it was initially posted to the magazine's Facebook page. With references to mix tapes,"$wagg moneyyyy," and a "recommendation letter" from rapper Chief Keef, McGaan's creation quickly went viral. Some even believed it was real.

Citizen Poke
Citizen Poke

"People legitimately think it's real, which is so bizarre to me. It's just so insane," McGaan told The Boston Globe.

McGaan actually applied to Harvard in real life, and told the Globe she hopes that making light of the admissions process won't hurt her chances. Harvard officials said they have seen McGaan's creation, but would not comment, the Globe reports.

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