That time Chris Pratt rescued Jeremy Sisto's kids

That Time Chris Pratt Rescued Jeremy Sisto's Kids
That Time Chris Pratt Rescued Jeremy Sisto's Kids

We already suspected that Chris Pratt was something of a real-life super hero. But we truly had no idea until Clueless actor Jeremy Sisto revealed a surprising story about how Pratt helped rescue his kids.

While on Big Morning Buzz Livepromoting his new, mysterious A+E series, The Returned, Sisto opened up to Nick Lachey about the time his 3-year-old locked his infant-son in the bedroom. With Sisto himself an hour away and his wife at home in a panic, he had to turn to an unlikely source.

"So I call my neighbor -- this very nice, chubby little kid who's married to my friend Anna Faris, who lives down the block -- and I say, 'Could you head over there to help out?'" Sisto says.

What Sisto didn't expect was a Star-Lord in training ("He was ripped and handsome") to come over to his home, kick the door down, and ultimately save the day. "He lifts my kid up and puts him into [my wife's arms]," he recalls with a ping of jealousy over the heroic moment.

Needless to say, his entire family now views Pratt as a walking deity. (But looking at those abs of his, how could you not?)

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