Teen's amnesia cured by her brother's hug

Teen's Amnesia Cured By Brother's Hug
Teen's Amnesia Cured By Brother's Hug

A British teen girl suffering from amnesia regained her memory after a hug from her little brother.

According to the Daily Mail, 16-year-old Chloe Inman suffered complete memory loss almost two years ago after an extremely rare side effect from a lumbar puncture -- or "spinal tap." She wasn't able to recognize family, friends or even herself.

"I had forgotten my entire life, which was absolutely devastating," she said. "I literally lost everything. [...] We had tried everything. I would look at family photographs and I knew it was me in them but I just couldn't remember anything about why I was there. [...] It totally ruined me."

It wasn't until her six-year-old brother Caleb walked into her room to give her a hug that all her memories started rushing back to her.

"After that hug all my family memories came back -- every last one of them," Chloe told SWNS.

The teen has suffered from severe headaches her entire life, and after being diagnosed with the neurological disorder IIH doctors performed the lumbar puncture to remove fluid from her spine. She compared what happened next to a light switch being turned off, but after going through the ordeal another light bulb has turned on -- in the form of an idea.

Chloe has decided to raise awareness on her rare condition in the hopes that it won't happen to anyone else.

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