Soldiers' early return home shocks kids

Soldiers' Early Return Home Shocks Their Kids
Soldiers' Early Return Home Shocks Their Kids

Sgt. Ben Wilson gave his son the surprise of a lifetime when he came home two weeks early and attended Ben's pep rally.

"This has been the worst tour, emotionally wise, that I've been through," Wilson said. After the first surprise at Ben Jr.'s school, it was time for first-grader Sophia to see her dad.

Raylee Summers also thought it was a typical school day, until her dad showed up for an unexpected visit.

This is one of our favorites from our partner at WRTV. Raylee's father, Corey Summers, had been in Qatar for six months.

But Ben Jr. and Raylee weren't the only luckies. KSDK captured a special moment with Claire Stebbin and her dad, Staff Sgt. Tom Stebbing, who had been in Afghanistan for a year.

As for Wilson, he said the day he was reunited with his kids was the best day he'd had all year.

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