See Danny DeVito's epic 'Tonight Show' #TrollFoot picture

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See Danny DeVito's epic 'Tonight Show' #TrollFoot picture
Danny DeVito has ruled social media with phots of his #TrollFoot for years. And he got to add another photo to his collection on the 'Tonight Show.'
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Now, Danny DeVito has ruled social media with pictures of his #TrollFoot for years now.

You know, those random yet epic photos the actor takes of his right foot and posts to Twitter? Yeah, that #TrollFoot.

Well, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, Danny got yet another #TrollFoot pic to add to his expansive collection. And it might be his best one yet.

"Come on, Jim!" said Danny DeVito on the "Tonight Show."

"Troll Foot! Troll Foot! Troll Foot! Troll Foot!" the audience chanted.

"Ahh!" said Danny.

At first, Jimmy didn't seem too thrilled to be that close to Danny's bare foot.

But it was worth it - check out the end result that he posted to his WhoSay account.

#TrollFoot fans on Twitter were absolutely loving the shot, calling it epic, hilarious and even the best thing they've seen all week.

And we're sure Danny is pretty happy with the latest addition to the #TrollFoot collection. He's been posting the pics online since he joined Twitter in 2009, and he's kept it going ever since.

He told the New York Post back in September, "If I'm at something where I can just take my shoe off and shoot a picture of the foot with the good background, I love doing it. It's like a little art project for me."

Well, whatever makes you and your #TrollFoot happy, Danny.

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