Report: New England Patriots decline option on Vince Wilfork, now a free agent

Patriots to Release Vince Wilfork
Patriots to Release Vince Wilfork

The business of the NFL is always very cruel, and the New England Patriots for some reason always seem as one of the cruelest organizations when it comes to player salary, and negotiations.

The phrase the "Patriot Way" is always thrown around when it comes to restructuring contracts but no one ever thinks about the way this organization treats the players that have done so much for their franchise and to the community.

The latest person to get burned by the Patriots after doing so much for their franchise is one of the most loyal and beloved players that this organization has had, Vince Wilfork.

According to Igor Mello of, the Patriots have declined Wilfork's team option and he will become a free agent. The Patriots decision to not pick up his two-year option will save their team 8.9 million dollars in cap space.

Wilfork went to Twitter and took the high road as he wrote an eloquent statement on his feelings about the Patriots organization, and all of the love he has for them.

One of the notable lines in his statement are as followed:

I'm in a good place. I have a great relationship with the Patriots organization. Please know how blessed my family and I have been to be able to play 11 years in New England for an amazing organization. The love you guys as fans have shown me have been my inspiration year in and year out...Your messages, your stories, your conversations and support always touch my heart.

Don't let Wilfork downplay the Patriots' decision, the move is a devastating one to their franchise because Wilfork has been such a linchpin to the Patriots franchise. He's arguably one of the leaders, if not the leader, on the defensive side of the football. Additionally, the Patriots are the only team that Wilfork ever played for in his 12 year career after being selected with the 21st pick in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft from the University of Miami.

Last season Wilfork had 47 combined tackles, one interception, and two pass deflections on his way to winning his second Super Bowl with the organization.

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