Chocolate cake takes down Mexico's most wanted drug lord

Chocolate Cake Takes Down Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Lord
Chocolate Cake Takes Down Mexico's Most Wanted Drug Lord

By: Gillian Pensavalle

A notorious meth kingpin was arrested all because of he had chocolate cake on his birthday.

Servando Gomez Martinez is the surviving leader of the Knights Templar drug cartel in Mexico. He had a reputation for being ruthless, committing brutal kidnappings and extortion. According to police, he spent his days being heavily guarded, living on secluded ranches and hid in caves to avoid getting caught.

Now, we know he has a sweet tooth.

Martinez's girlfriend sent him some chocolate cake for his birthday. Unfortunately for Martinez, one of his hired men screwed up. The guy used a phone to place the order and left a digital trail, leading police right to the doorstep of the most wanted fugitive in Mexico.

The police had already been doing everything they could to track his every move, and this small slip up was what they needed to set the arrest plans in motion.

A long rap sheet like that, and the guy was brought down with chocolate cake. But we've all given in to chocolate cake, right?

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