World's most expensive cities revealed

World's Most Expensive Cities Revealed By The Economist
World's Most Expensive Cities Revealed By The Economist

The Economist has released its list of the world's priciest places to live, and once again Singapore has claimed the top spot.

In determining which locations are the most costly, their researchers assess the prices of common goods and services across the cities.

In total approximately 160 expenses were investigated.

Those included necessities like food, rent, and utilities.

The surveyors also gathered information on some extras such as private schools, maid service, and recreational activities.

All things considered, European cities dominate the uppermost ranks of expensive places to reside.

Paris is positioned at second and Oslo comes in at 3rd. 4th place is assigned to Zurich.

Sydney, Australia rounds out the list's highest spots at number 5.

Though there wasn't much change among those rankings, the remainder of the top 10 does present some surprises.

Seoul, which was once closer to the 50th mark, has skyrocketed over the years and is now ranked alongside Hong Kong in 9th place.

New York City did some climbing, coming in at 22nd. In the previous publishing of the survey it was positioned at number 26.

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