Woman's 'shocking' mug shot goes viral

Woman Is Hilariously Shocked In Mugshot
Woman Is Hilariously Shocked In Mugshot

Ashley Stabler, 23, was NOT ready for whatever happened during her mug shot.

The Tulsa resident was arrested Monday afternoon for improper license plates, driving with a suspended license and no proof of insurance.

But her surprised look is actually kind of...surprising because, according to the Smoking Gun, this isn't her first photo op with the police.

She was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in 2011 and then again two years later on a larceny charge.

Maybe Stabler saw a ghost right before the photo was taken.

Or maybe she realized what color the dress really is...

Or maybe she was just being really artsy...

Whatever the reason, Stabler's photo joins an album of mug shots worth remembering.

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