Watch: News anchor calls out co-worker on live TV

Watch: News Anchor Calls Out Co-Worker on Live TV
Watch: News Anchor Calls Out Co-Worker on Live TV

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A classic clip from the 9am news with Tim Ezell and April Simpson has gone viral. Actor and comedian Kevin Hart posted the clip to his Facebook Page with the caption, "Whoah."

The clip starts off innocently enough. Then, Tim Ezell calls out April for her outfit.

"Welcome back to FOX 2 news in the AM. Time to get you all caught up with the headlines. For that, the Hamburglar," said Tim Ezell. (He is, of course, referring to her black and white stripped top.)

April Simpson starts cracking up. She looks off camera and then back with a straight face.

"It is your birthday. I'll let it pass." said April Simpson. Then with a smirk, "I'll get you later."

The clip has inspired many Photoshopped tributes in the comments section of Hart's post. His fans did not hold back.

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