Study shows women prefer the boy, not the Beckham next door

Study Shows Women Prefer the Boy, Not the Beckham Next Door
Study Shows Women Prefer the Boy, Not the Beckham Next Door

When you think of the ideal man -- at least physically --who comes to mind? David Beckham? Perhaps one of the Hemsworths? Taye Diggs? Brad freaking Pitt?

A recent study conducted by UK mens clothing company Jacamo tried to uncover what a woman's physical ideal is by asking both men and women.

Overwhelmingly, the men thought that washboard abs, a chiseled jaw, sexy hair and a piercing gaze would be the top choice for women. The Daily Mail reports that "62 per cent [sic] of men still believe that women prefer the gladiator look -- and suffer pangs of anxiety when they fail to match up to this image."

However, 72 percent of women in the study said they preferred a 'boy next door' look when looking for a long lasting relationship. Apparently (per this survey, at least), a flawless look isn't a winner.

Bring on the boyish good looks of Chris Pratt, or the fiery red hair of Prince Harry or Ed Sheeran, the goofy charm of the Andy Samberg's and Aziz Ansari's of the world!

And how about Ryan Gosling? He's ... wait, no. Gosling trumps all men everywhere. FACT!

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