Top 10 richest cities in the US

Top Ten Richest Cities in the U.S.
Wall Street Journal recently took a look at the richest cities in the United States. Each city's wealth was calculated by the percentage of residents earning more than $150,000 in cities with more than 500,000 residents. Is your city on the list?

Richest Cities in the US
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Top 10 richest cities in the US

10. Denver, Colorado

Population: 619,297

Population with income over $150,000: 11%

9. Austin, Texas

Population: 838,800

Income over $150,000: 11.1%

8. Los Angeles, California

Population: 3.83 million

Income over $150,000: 11.3%

7. New York, NY

Population: 8.27 million

Income over $150,000: 12.7%

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Population: 629,182

Income over $150,000: 13%

5. San Diego, California

Population: 1.32 million

Income over $150,000: 14.8%

4. Seattle, Washington

Population: 624,681

Income over $150,000: 16.2%

3. Washington, D.C.

Population: 618,777

Income over $150,000: 19%

2. San Jose, California

Population: 968,903

Income over $150,000: 22.6%

1. San Francisco, California

Population: 817,501 

Income over $150,000: 23.4%


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