Monkey, 50, goes on first 'date' since the death of her partner

50-Year-Old Monkey Goes On First Date Since Death Of Her Partner
50-Year-Old Monkey Goes On First Date Since Death Of Her Partner

A 50-year-old monkey named Daisy recently went on a "date" of sorts, and it was the first time the "lonely capuchin" had met up with another potential romantic partner since her former partner passed away.

"Daisy was originally confiscated from an exotic animal breeder in Wales, where she was being kept in terrible conditions ... A caring couple nursed Daisy back to health and found her another capuchin monkey for company, but after many years together he died, leaving her alone and desperate for company, prompting Daisy's owners to ask Wild Futures to take her on and introduce her to new friends. Capuchins are a particularly intelligent, social species that naturally live in the rainforests of South and Central America," Wild Futures explains.

Following the difficult death, Daisy's owners asked workers at Wild Futures monkey sanctuary in Cornwall, UK, to care for her and introduce her to fellow monkeys.

Wild Futures is a charity organization that aims to end captive primate abuse and encourages the conservation and welfare of monkeys.

In January, the facility took Daisy in and she and another monkey named Peppy have become quite close. A Facebook post by the facility notes that she has "fallen head over heels" for the male primate, and that the feeling is mutual.

Senior Primate Keeper, Louisa Marchbanks told Wild Futures: "It is just fantastic to see Daisy making friends here at our Sanctuary. She has really fallen for Peppy and he does seem smitten with her too! She will now continue to meet the other monkeys from Peppy's group and hopefully make more friends. It's going to be great to follow her progress over the coming months -- she certainly is a very happy monkey now."

During their date, the two teamed up while having some fun and interacting with caregivers.

Daisy's life wasn't always so great. Back in 1980, she was rescued from a pet store. When she was found, her fingers were broken and she had cigarette burns on her body. It appeared she had also been used in a laboratory breeding facility and had been taken by her mom when she was just an infant. As a result, she craved friends, making the loss of her long-time partner even harder.

No matter what happens in her love life, Daisy is now happy, healthy and safe.

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