Experts find long-lost civilization in Honduran rainforest

Experts Find Long-Lost Civilization In Honduran Rainforest
Experts Find Long-Lost Civilization In Honduran Rainforest

Experts have uncovered a long-lost civilization in the rainforest.National Geographic is reporting a group of researchers finished an exploration of a Honduran rainforest, and claim they've found an untouched, lost city. The exports discovered earthen pyramids, large plazas, sculptures and ceremonial seats that date back as far as 1000 AD.

They believe the ruins are a part of the legendary La Ciudad Blanca, or the "White City" (it's also been called "The City of the Monkey God").

Since the 1920s, a number of expeditions have been launched in search of the lost settlement. In 1940, eccentric explorer Theodore Morde claimed to have found the White City, but he refused to divulge the location out of fear that it would be looted.

The researchers who believe they've found the lost city are also keeping the location a secret.

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