Britney Spears loses her hair on stage... literally!

Britney Spears' Hair Extenstions Fall Out During Vegas Show

Ooops, she had a major hair malfunction!

Britney Spears apparently let loose a little too much at her Planet Hollywood "Piece of Me" Las Vegas show on Friday, because a whole section of her hair came flying off her head and onto the stage midway through her act.

During her performance of "Do Something," the pop diva was busting a move when her hair extension broke free and fell off. Like the total pro she is, Spears didn't skip a beat and kept on dancing.

The whole snafu was caught on tape by a fan.

The blonde bombshell, who chopped off her long locks in favor of short bob in September, is no stranger to enlisting the help of fake tresses to add a little oomph for her hair-whipping shows. Nonetheless, the 33-year-old singer was probably a little embarrassed by the mishap.

Regardless of the issue, Spears won't be leaving Vegas anytime soon. She recently inked a new residency deal with Planet Hollywood, extending her Vegas Piece of Me show through 2017.

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