8-year-old curses newspaper editor for cutting his favorite comics

8-Year-Old Curses Newspaper For Cutting His Favorite Comics
8-Year-Old Curses Newspaper For Cutting His Favorite Comics

Kids take their comics seriously.

When an 8 year-old in Bloomington, Iowa, opened up the Sunday "Herald Times" newspaper expecting his favorite comic strips, he was upset to see that they weren't there anymore -- so like any dissatisfied customer, he lodged a formal complaint.

His mom helped him out by calling the editor of the paper, but he wasn't in the office on Sunday, so they left a voicemail.

"My son would like to express his opinion about the changes to the comics," the mother said on the message.

Her 8-year-old went on to say, "I want back these comics now: Frank & Ernest, Ziggy, Garfield ... I'll give you all my money if you just give us it back. You idiot jerks."

Things escalated quickly after that, as the 8-year-old called the editor a 'sh*thole.'

The editor ended up calling the family personally to apologize and say that they had to make the changes due to budget cuts.

It seems that even if the boy had asked nicely, it wasn't going to happen -- but maybe trying that approach first wouldn't have hurt.

As the editor himself, Bob Zaltsberg, wrote, "His mom told me he admitted to her he hadn't been as nice as he should have been on his voice message. I told her we were planning to post the audio, minus the identifying information she'd left on the message, and she laughed and said that would be fine."

Listen to the entire message below:

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