'Unretouched' Cindy Crawford photo was a fake

'Untouched' Cindy Crawford Photo Turns Out To Be Fake
'Untouched' Cindy Crawford Photo Turns Out To Be Fake

Remember that "unretouched" photo of Cindy Crawford that went viral last month? It wasn't real.A supposedly leaked, unretouched photograph of 49-year-old hit the web in mid-February, prompting people to applaud the former supermodel for showing off "real beauty."

Marie Claire wrote to say the image was from a December 2013 shoot and was leaked by an unknown source. The photographer, John Russo, is confirming it was leaked, but claims it's far from untouched. In fact, he says it's been significantly altered.

He's demanding the image be taken down, calling it "fraudulent."

Further proof that the image isn't authentic was posted on Valentine's Day, when Crawford's husband, Rande Gerber, posted a picture on his Instagram showing off his wife's incredible stomach.

Media outlets who reported the original story are taking down the altered images of Crawford.

Sorry -- it looks like supermodels really don't age. Crawford still defies the laws of gravity.

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