Organic burial pods to replace tombstones with trees

Organic Burial Pods To Replace Tombstones With Trees
Organic Burial Pods To Replace Tombstones With Trees

Two Italian designers are bringing a new meaning to "family tree."

Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel proposed a plan to make cemeteries more eco-friendly by replacing headstones with trees.

It's called "Capsula Mundi," and it aims to replace coffins with egg-shaped burial pods.

The deceased would serve as fertilizer while encased in a biodegradable coffin underground.

Seeds are then planted on top of the pod, which will take the nutrients from the decomposing body to grow.

The concept is still just that and not an actual option, but it's Citelli and Bretzel's hope that in the near future, their project will replace stony cemeteries with lush, green gardens.

"Capsula Mundi saves the life of a tree and proposes to plant one more. By planting different kinds of trees next to each other, it creates a forest. A place where children will be able to learn all about trees. It's also a place for a beautiful walk and a reminder of our loved ones."

Twitter, for the most part, is into the project.

One user says it's a "great idea."

Maddie Stone calls it "Creepy, yes, but also kinda poetic."

TwistedMonk is totally on board with it, as long as he could help an apple tree grow, while Cam_Wali prefers a mango tree.

What do you think? Is something you'd go for? If so, what kind of tree would want to grow if you had an option? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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