Dog alerts family of house fire

Dog Helps Save Family from House Fire
Dog Helps Save Family from House Fire

DAVIS - A family of four in Davis has their dog to thank for some early morning barking that alerted them to a fire that was raging inside of their garage.

"My mom was screaming, 'fire, fire,'" Sophia, 10, told FOX40.

The fire started in the garage, eventually making its way into the living room, but never getting into the home's bedrooms.

Davis firefighters had a tough time putting out the flames in the garage because of the two cars inside that were destroyed.

"The gas was leaking from the cars. That kept the fire going," Davis Fire Marshall Tim Annis said.

Neighbors were quick to assist the family offering them a place to relax and store saved items. Fire investigators were still trying to determine a cause as of late Friday morning.

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