Rescuers work 4 hours to save dog stranded on Lake Michigan ice

Rescuers Work 4 Hours To Save Dog Stranded On Icy Lake Michigan
Rescuers Work 4 Hours To Save Dog Stranded On Icy Lake Michigan

CUDAHY (WITI) - A heroic ice rescue. A dog stranded on the ice in Lake Michigan and a team of firefighters and animal control worked to save her.

2-year-old Genevieve is safe tonight after a very stressful 24 hours. She ran off after her owners let her out in the morning.

If it wasn't for a photographer spotting her near the lakefront, it might not have ended so well.

Along Lake Michigan in Cudahy, ice, wind and whip along the lakeshore. The same conditions Thursday morning brought a very stressful few hours - Genevieve was spotted stranded on the ice, about 150 feet from shore.

Humane Officer Robin Stroiber was first to arrive. But the job was too tough for animal control. Firefighters from Cudahy and St. Francis came in for the rescue.

"The dog was eluding the rescuers for much of the rescue," said Robert Schmidt, with the Cudahy Fire Department.

Determined to save her, the firefighters wen in the water and along the ice. They worked in the bitter cold for about 4 hours - finally getting the little pup back to land and be thankful that determination made for a safe, healthy and happy dog.

Genevieve ran off after she was let out that morning, and made her way out onto the ice.

She is expected to be reunited with her owners soon and picked up from animal control.