World's most expensive ice cream costs $817 and isn't very appetizing

World's Most Expensive Ice Cream Costs $817 & Isn't Very Appetizing
World's Most Expensive Ice Cream Costs $817 & Isn't Very Appetizing

The world's most expensive ice cream clocks in at $817.

An ice cream shop in Dubai is going for the gold (literally) with this sundae. Scoopi Cafe is serving a treat called The Black Diamond, and the description really sells it hard: Exotic Madagascar vanilla ice cream flavored with the world's most expensive saffron, topped with slices of the diamond of gastronomy black truffles, sprinkled with 23 carat edible gold. Gifted with a rare bowl and spoon.

Black truffles? Those are very fragrant mushrooms. What are they doing in my ice cream? There's got to be a deserving burger in Dubai that could better use that ingredient. The price of almost 3 thousand Arab Emirates Dirham has a lot to do with the china it's served in which is designed by Versace.

It just goes to show that style and taste are 2 very different things.

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