Texas mom brings gun to teen girl fight

Mother Pulls Gun During Schoolyard Brawl
Mother Pulls Gun During Schoolyard Brawl

A Texas school yard brawl between two teenage girls ended with the mother of one of the two girls going to jail.

Tuesday afternoon, two 14-year-old girls got into a fight at a park outside of Houston. In this footage posted on KXAS the faces are all blurred as everyone is underage, everyone except a woman in pink. That woman is 33-year-old Viridiana Alvarez, the mother of one of the girls.

Police stepped in and broke up the fight, but a few hours later learned Alvarez brought a gun and aimed it at the head of the girl fighting her daughter. Ted Myers, the father of that girl, was shocked.

"I literally, my stomach dropped," he told KHOU. "I got nauseous and shaky."

Alvarez told a judge the gun wasn't loaded and was only using the weapon to scare the teen. She remains in jail on 35 thousand dollar bond.

Both girls were suspended until Monday by the school.

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