OSHP releases frightening video to remind drivers to "move over"

OSHP Releases Frightening Video to Remind Drivers to
OSHP Releases Frightening Video to Remind Drivers to

Instead of simply reminding drivers about the 'Move Over' law, the Ohio State Highway Patrol released a dash cam video that makes forgetting the law nearly impossible.

The video shows a car pulled over on the side of the road, and a tractor-trailer slamming into both the state trooper's vehicle and the car in front of it. A trooper narrowly escaped being hit, and the entire scene is terrifying.

Ohio's 'Move Over' law requires driver to move over one lane when they see a car pulled over with flashing lights. If that's not possible, they have to slow down and proceed with caution.

OHSP's website notes:

OHSP's website notes: "State law requires motorists to move over or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles with their lights activated.

The Patrol's Move Over and Slow Down Public Service Announcements use dramatic Patrol car video footage which visually depicts the importance of the Move Over and Slow Down law.

In PSAs, Ohio State Highway Patrol Sgt. Christopher Wood and Tpr. William A. Davis remind Ohio motorists to move over or slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle.

Knowledge and compliance of this law is key in protecting the lives of public safety workers on Ohio roadways."

NBC24.com writes, "While the law may only apply specify how drivers should react when coming upon a public safety vehicle in Ohio, those with OSHP say that drivers should try to extend the courtesy to all disabled vehicles."

This crash occurred on Friday, February 20th.

Check out the original video here:

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