De Niro hands over $6.4M check to the IRS

Robert De Niro Rep Says IRS Sent Taxes to Wrong Address
Robert De Niro Rep Says IRS Sent Taxes to Wrong Address

Stars! They're just like us! They go on coffee runs. They go grocery shopping. They're late on their taxes. Oh, wait.

Actor extraordinaire, 71-year-old Robert De Niro was pegged by the feds with a tiny $6.4 million tax lien for not paying his 2013 taxes.

"We're gettin' creamed, people."

But there's more to this story. The Daily Mail reports De Niro's reps say the government sent his taxes to the wrong address.

Kinda hard to pay something you've never seen, right? The notice was filed to New York City's Department of Finance on Feb. 3.

"I'll be watching you. Studying your every move. And I will bring you down, baby."

The Smoking Gun had a copy of the lien, which was sent to an address on Hudson Street in New York, where De Niro's Tribeca investment property is located. Reports say that is not his home address, though.

A spokesperson for De Niro said once the actor learned of the lien, he had a check, for all $6.4 million, delivered by hand to the IRS. How do you even hand deliver something to the feds? Now that's fancy.

De Niro about the town:

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