2 llamas on the run in Arizona captivated the nation, turned us all into pun machines


Even Kim Kardashian didn't have to work this hard to break the Internet.

Whether you were watching it on TV, following #llamawatch on Twitter, screaming at a livestream or sitting at your desk trying to figure out what rhymes with 'llama' ('mama' is the best one), chances are you were caught up in the rush of today's biggest breaking story: two llamas on the lamb -- err, lam -- in Arizona.

With a camera crew in hot pursuit, a black llama and a white llama dashed past cops and cars in lusty pursuit of freedom.

Eventually, the black llama was caught, though the white one evaded capture for a while longer. Soon, men cheated piled into a truck with lassos and ended basically the best 20ish minutes of "news" ever. (For a full outline of their valiant run, check out AZCentral.com.)

Great Llama Chase of 2015 Inspires Media Hilarity
Great Llama Chase of 2015 Inspires Media Hilarity

The furry fugitives have not yet broken their silence to humans, but they're probably telling their friends a really, really good story right about now.

Update: Word on the street is that our beloved llamas may actually be alpacas. Either way, they are national heroes, and we hope they are resting comfortably.

Where were YOU during llama/alpaca-gate? Which joke is your favorite? Llama at us (sorry, that was a little desperate) in the comments.

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