New twist on old phone scam shocks the Colonial Heights Sheriff

Sheriff 'Shocked' by New Twist on Old Scam
Sheriff 'Shocked' by New Twist on Old Scam

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WTVR) - Colonial Heights Sheriff Todd Wilson said he was shocked and greatly concerned after someone used his name in an effort to steal money from unsuspecting citizens who answered their telephone. Wilson first learned about the scam Wednesday morning when someone called his office to ask why she owed $700.

"[Someone] called the woman and identified himself as a federal agent," Wilson said. "He told her Sheriff Todd Wilson was going to come to her front door and arrest her if she didn't pay the money. He also said if she didn't pay the money, she would not receive her disability check."

Wilson told the woman the call was a scam and asked her to check the caller ID. She responded that the caller ID flashed the sheriff's legitimate phone number. Wilson said he was shocked by that development and decided to call the number the man posing as a federal agent told the woman to call.

"When I called that number it was answered by a man who had a very distinct foreign accent. He answered the phone as 'Department of Justice.'" Wilson said. "I told him I was supposed to send him a check, but I didn't know who to write the check to."

Wilson said the man quickly hung up the phone after the sheriff asked him a few questions.

"The Colonial Heights Sheriff's Department does not call citizens and require payment over the phone or money to be sent into us," Wilson said. "If we have official business to conduct with anybody in our locality, we're going to knock on your front door so that you can identify me by face, name and uniform."

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