'Modern Family's' Apple-centric episode lives up to the hype

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Wednesday night, we finally got to feast our eyes on that highly anticipated "Modern Family" episode that was shot mostly on iPhone and iPad cameras.

And thankfully, it didn't make us totally seasick, a la "The Blair Witch Project." In fact, it was pretty darn awesome.

"Halo!" said Phil Dunphy on "Modern Family."

"Honey, have you been playing your new little video game all day?" asked Claire Dunphy.

"When you say it in that tone, it implies that Luke and I haven't been spending quality time together. Which we have," said Phil.

"Can I talk to him?" asked Claire.

"Sure thing. Luke? I don't think he's here," said Phil.

Yes, in case you missed all the hype last week, "Modern Family" filmed this week's episode almost entirely on Apple products, a definite first for the show and for ABC.

The whole thing takes place on Claire Dunphy's MacBook while she's waiting for her plane to board at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

And all the show's characters end up interacting with FaceTime, iMessage, iPhoto, iTunes, Facebook, Instagram, you name it.

Now, quite a few media outlets were skeptical when the show's producers first announced the Apple-centric episode. But after Wednesday night's premiere, the rave reviews just kept streaming in.

A writer for Mashable called the ep "incredibly clever" for its ability to let us into the inner workings of Claire's mind in ways that the usual plots couldn't begin to convey.

And TV Fanatic gushed it was "one of the most brilliant episodes of Modern Family we've seen in a while."

And we can only assume Apple is pretty happy with the episode too. The show features truly organic product integration, and Apple didn't even have a pay a cent for it. Talk about great advertising!

Wednesday night was the final night in the February ratings period; we're guessing "Modern Family's" latest episode will boost the program significantly.

Now, if only Claire and Phil can figure out a way to keep Hayley under control ... Oh, who are we kidding? That'll never happen.

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