Aussie anchor welcomes brother home with wild surprise

Australian Host Surprises Brother At Airport
Australian Host Surprises Brother At Airport

When an Australian news anchor couldn't get to the airport to welcome home his baby brother, he decided to give an over-the-top celebration instead.Nine Network's Karl Stefanovic asked his boss if he could have the morning off from work so he could pick up his brother Pete from the airport. Pete is a foreign correspondent for the network, and apparently this was his first trip home in years.

When he stepped off the twenty-hour flight from London, he was greeted by a marching band playing "When The Saints Come Marching In."

If Karl Stefanovic wanting to pick up his baby brother from the airport wasn't adorable enough, he shed a tear after watching Pete's reaction.

This wasn't the first time we've seen a musical homecoming at an international airport. Back in 2010, T-Mobile welcomed home arriving passengers at london's heathrow airport with a flash mob of singers performing songs like "The Passenger," "Boys Are Back In Town," and "Return of the Mack."

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