Billionaire's estranged wife wants $1M in child support a month

Hedge Fund Founder Asks for $1M Per Month in Child Support
Hedge Fund Founder Asks for $1M Per Month in Child Support

It's a child support request that's raising a lot of eyebrows.

Anne Dias Griffin, the estranged wife of billionaire hedge fund owner Ken Griffin, is requesting $1 million per month in child support for the couple's three children, who are all under the age of 10.

"Apparently she needs $14,000 a month for food, $300,000 a month for a private jet, $160,000 a month for vacations and $2,000 for stationery,"ABC's Amy Robach reported.

The request covers $7,200 a month for dining out and $6,800 a month for groceries.

Both Ken and Anne are successful. They're both hedge fund firm founders - he started Citadel, and she created Aragon Global Management.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Ken is worth around $5.5 billion, and Anne stated she has around $50 million in assets.

CNN reports Ken claims the $1 million a month in child support "includes 'exorbitant expenses' that aren't for the children, but rather to fund his wife's extravagant lifestyle."

But Anne's representative says her request actually falls in line with Illinois law, which states when calculating child support, the "standard of living the children would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved" needs to be taken into account.

A spokesperson for Anne told CNBC, "Anne is saddened that he is using his enormous resources in an attempt to destroy her when it would be so easy for him to support his children as he always did during the marriage."

Ken filed for divorce from Anne back in July. The couple had been married since 2003.

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