World's most expensive bar of chocolate costs $260

Most Expensive Bar of Pure Dark Chocolate Costs $260
Most Expensive Bar of Pure Dark Chocolate Costs $260

Really craving some chocolate right now? Well, how about shelling out $260 for a chocolate bar?

"The chocolate is from a rare and unique cacao in Ecuador where the low humidity is perfect for making the gourmet candy," a KPRC reporter said.

To'ak Chocolate, the company behind the expensive bar, only made 574 of them. There are only 188 bars left to be purchased, according to the website.

The chocolate is meant to be paired with alcohol. Turns out, there's quite a process to making the chocolate before a person can eat it, though. Thirty-six steps, to be exact.

To'ak Chocolate co-founder Jerry Toth told Fortune, "Our beans are subjected to six different phases of hand-selection - in each phase, we remove beans that are deemed too small, under-ripe or over-ripe or imperfectly fermented."

The Daily Mirror reports the cacao beans are then turned into liquid chocolate before being hand-molded into the shape of the bar. When complete, each 1.5-ounce bar contains 81 percent cacao and 19 percent sugar.

As a Fox News reporter said, this $260 bar of chocolate isn't something you're meant to just start chomping down on.

"You need tongs to keep things pure. They told us to sniff it first like a fine wine. ... And then gently place it on my tongue to let it melt a bit," Fox News reporter Ashley Dvorkin said.

When she finally got around to actually tasting the chocolate, she said it's rich and isn't bitter like most dark chocolate.

Which is a good thing since it's the most expensive bar of dark chocolate there is "without any fancy stuff like gold leaves or diamonds in it to increase the value," co-founder Carl Schweizer said.

According to Guinness World Records, though, the most expensive chocolate bar ever purchased was $687 back in 2001. It was a 100-year-old bar of Cadbury's chocolate.