Sharon Osbourne reveals Ozzy's softer side

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Has Quite the Domestic Side
Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Has Quite the Domestic Side

Now, everyone knows Ozzy Osbourne has always been a little, well, wild.

But the so-called Prince of Darkness's better half, Sharon, revealed Monday that he actually has quite the domestic side.

"He picks up the dog poop. He takes out to trash. He makes me my cups of tea, he's very domestic. He'll say, he's taking out two big bin bags like this, and he goes, 'I'm the BLEEPING Prince of Darkness taking out the rubbish,'" said Sharon Osbourne on "The Late Late Show."

Ozzy Osbourne taking out the trash - now, there's a sight we'd love to see!

According to Sharon, Ozzy is a total softie when it comes to their five grandchildren, too.

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She told "The Late Late Show's" guest host Billy Gardell that Ozzy always gives their granddaughter Pearl chocolate even when she's not allowed to have any sweets.

It looks like all that spoiling is paying off for Ozzy. Little Pearl even dressed up like her grandpa for Halloween. Princess of Darkness indeed!

Now, if we could just get a glimpse of Ozzy in an apron baking cookies, our lives would be complete.

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