Man found guilty of murder defends himself, seeks death penalty

Man Defending Himself In Court Seeks Death Penalty
Man Defending Himself In Court Seeks Death Penalty

A man accused of murder is defending himself in a Florida court -- and seeking the death penalty.According to the Tampa Bay Times, 39-year-old Craig Wall was found guilty in the 2010 stabbing death his girlfriend, 29-year-old Laura Taft and pleaded no contest to the murder of his five-year-old son, Craig Wall Jr.

For years, Wall has declined representation and defended himself in the case. He reached this plea agreement with prosecutors only after they promised to seek the death penalty.

Wall said during the sentencing hearing on Monday, "The presentation of my case and my mitigation is my constitutional right. This is my case. This is my life. All the choices are mine alone to make."

Prosecutors agree.

"Evidence will establish the murder of Laura Taft was heinous and atrocious and cruel," an Assistant State Attorney said. "Evidence will show that the victim screamed out for help in the middle of the night. Medical evidence will establish that she had defensive wounds."

Sentencing resumed Tuesday where Wall told the judge he would continue to represent himself, saying, "I've been enjoying myself."

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