Jackpot winner angry he was refused his winnings

Jackpot Winner Angry After Casino Payout Ordeal
Jackpot Winner Angry After Casino Payout Ordeal

"Never, ever will I step foot in that place again."

A jackpot winner is none too happy after he says the casino where he was playing wouldn't pay out his $10,500 in winnings right away.

The man was playing at Wild Horse Pass Casino in Chandler, Arizona - that's about 15 miles south of Phoenix.

Both the casino and the man agree he won the money. But when he went to collect it that night, the casino said no. Here's where the two disagree.

The casino says the man didn't have his ID and also gave different Social Security numbers, though the man tells our partners at KNXV he had his passport on him.

He says he left that night without the money but was invited back the next day to collect. He was told by staff to wait and have complimentary drinks while they were processing his prize. Again, the two sides disagree.

"Three or four guys put me in a full nelson, their arms behind mine, and literally threw me out of the place."

He says that ordeal caused an injury to his shoulder.

That's not the version of events the casino tells, though. A casino spokesperson told KNXV, "[W]e do not have [a] record of this guest reporting an injury, and did not handle him in [a] way that would have caused injury or would have been considered inappropriate."

In the end, the casino did give the man his $10,500 in winnings after he came back with plenty of paperwork. Still, it sounds like he'll be taking his blackjack skills elsewhere.

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