Second contestant reveals she's a virgin on 'The Bachelor'

'The Bachelor:' Chris Deals With Yet Another Shocking Secret
'The Bachelor:' Chris Deals With Yet Another Shocking Secret

On Monday's episode of "The Bachelor," Chris took his final three bachelorettes on a romantic trip to Bali for Fantasy Suite week -- and the romantic atmosphere persuaded Becca to finally reveal that big secret she's been sitting on all season.

"I am a virgin," said Becca on "The Bachelor."

"Right," said Chris.

This isn't the first bombshell of the season.

First, Ashley I. confessed she was a virgin, and when Chris didn't make a move on her afterward, she had a meltdown.

Then, Jade decided to show him the nude photos she took for Playboy while they were just hanging out on the couch in her parents' house, of all places.

Now, another big confession.

Chris's initial reaction -- you know, the heavy sighing, the deep breaths, the head shaking -- had us thinking Becca was going to end up just like Ashley I. and Jade before her.

After the initial awkwardness, though, he was actually really sweet about the whole thing and said he respected Becca even more for her honesty.

It seems like he was telling the truth, too. Both Becca and Whitney ended up getting a rose at the end of the episode, while a very angry Kaitlyn was sent packing.

For Chris's sake, we hope Becca and Whitney don't have any more emotional secrets to share come next week. We're afraid he might just explode or burst into tears or something.

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