Police find hidden cave with guns and gambling equipment In California home

Police Find Hidden Cave With Guns And Gambling Equipment In California Hom
Police Find Hidden Cave With Guns And Gambling Equipment In California Hom

Police in Fresno, California, discovered a hidden cave and illegal gambling equipment while responding to a 911 call. According to law enforcement officials, the caller had spoken about a possible domestic dispute and mentioned that individuals inside a nearby home were yelling and a woman could be hearing screaming.

When officers arrived, a woman who appeared to have been crying answered the door but was hesitant to allow police to enter the residence.

The cops noticed children, and then saw two individuals running through the house.

Believing that something was wrong, the officers entered the home against the woman's wishes, but they didn't immediately find anyone. They continued looking outside the residence and spotted a piece of plywood on the property that was covered by dirt. Cops could not find any access to it.

They then learned a chicken coop nearby was built on skateboard wheels.

Once they rolled it to the side, they found a set of stairs that led to a hidden cave where two men were hiding inside. Officers also found surveillance equipment, two rifles, ammunition and illegal gambling machines.

Several marijuana plants were discovered outside the residence. Three men were arrested in connection to the incident.

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