Parents outraged after award-winning teacher fired

Missouri Parents Outraged After Award-Winning Teacher Fired
Missouri Parents Outraged After Award-Winning Teacher Fired

Parents of preschoolers in Missouri are rallying in support of an award-winning teacher after she was fired for what some are calling a "ludicrous" reason.

KTVI reports Kelly Hahn, who won the St. Louis Public School's Preschool Teacher of the Year award, was removed from her classroom in December after a 3-year-old was dropped off with a dirty diaper - which is against school rules.

When she noticed his dirty diaper, she left it on and called his parents. Another staff member called family services. Even though they found no indication of neglect and the child's parent - who called Hahn a hero - asked the school not to reprimand her, the school dismissed her over the incident anyway.

KMOV reports hundreds of emails have been sent to the St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent supporting Hahn, some even claiming their children have come home crying wondering where she went.

One parent said, "It is mind-blowing, actually. My wife and I are both enraged by the whole situation...She is a fabulous teacher. We couldn't speak more highly of her."

Dana Evans, the president of the magnet school's Parent Teachers Organization, said, "She is one of those people that I would say is the glue that holds Wilkinson together."

The school's superintendent called it a personnel issue and decided not to comment on the situation. Hahn has a hearing on her case on March 4.

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