Wolfgang Puck dishes on what stars will eat at the Oscars after-party


The Oscars are Hollywood's biggest night, so it's only appropriate that the after party be full of extravagance and ritz.

This year's 2015 Oscars Governors Ball will be held in a ballroom atop the Hollywood & Highland complex, and will feature a menu created by celebrated chef Wolfgang Puck, who's been catering the event for two decades.

Around 1,500 guests will dine on a carefully selected menu catering to all tastes and featuring locally sourced ingredients. Winners, losers, presenters and performers will enjoy everything from homemade pretzels and grilled cheese to sushi and Wagyu short rib.

"Cooking is an evolution, so we always want the menu to be an evolution, too," Puck told AOL. "We want to show our own style, but move forward and change. They changed the format of the dinner a couple years back and decided not to have a formal sit-down dinner, but create more of a party atmosphere with smaller plates. I think this is much better; the guests have so many choices-if you are vegan or vegetarian, love meat or fish-you can have whatever you like!"

Puck is joined by a team of chefs, including Matt Bencivenga who helped him create the menu, and pastry chef Della Gossett. "Matt, Della and all the chefs are always looking for new ideas and new dishes," Puck shares. "This way it becomes an exciting challenge for us, and something new for our guests!"

This year's menu features some classic comfort foods, like baked macaroni and cheese and chicken pot pie. It may be surprising to see such traditional comfort food on the menu, but Wolfgang explains that they wouldn't have it any other way. "These are some of our fan favorites! The Board of Governors and some of the members love our Chicken Pot Pie with Black Truffles, which was first served five or six years ago," Puck says. "They say I can make whatever I want, as long as there is chicken pot pie."

This isn't your average chicken pot pie, though. Wolfgang explains that these dishes are made a little differently for the event. "To make these dishes special, we add shaved black truffles and create a beautiful presentation. You eat with your eyes, too!"

We imagine preparing food for 1,500 people can be stressful, but Wolfgang credits his team with helping him to stay calm throughout the busy evening. "I have an amazing team. We have about 300 chefs working on Oscars night in two kitchens," he says.

If you think 300 chefs is a lot, keep in mind that Wolfgang and his team are working with quite a bit of food-including 5,250 handmade celery root agnolotti, 350 pounds of house smoked salmon, 2,500 pieces of vanilla caramel and 4,000 goji berries.

Hosting an Oscars party at home this year? Puck shared two of the recipes he's serving up at the Governors Ball (including the coveted pot pie), so you and your guests can dine like the stars at home this year!

Get the recipes: Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Black Truffles and Truffled "Chicken Pot Pie"

Check out the video below to learn more about the 2015 Oscars Governors Ball menu.

What Oscar Will Eat
What Oscar Will Eat