Why you should always be kind to strangers on public transit

Why You Should Always Be Kind To Strangers On Public Transit
Why You Should Always Be Kind To Strangers On Public Transit

You should always be courteous to strangers on public transit, you never know when you might just bump into them later... say, at a job interview later that same day.According to Buzzfeed, Matt Buckland was on his way to the London venture capital firm where he works when he had an altercation with another commuter.

"At Monument Station," he said. "I stood to one side to let someone else off the train first and I think he thought I was just standing in his way. He pushed and I turned, I explained I was getting off too but he pushed past and then looked back and suggested I might like to f**k myself... which might have been true but not before a few cups of coffee."

Later that day, that rude commuter arrived at the firm for a job interview. Buckland was the interviewer.

The interviewee didn't recognize him until Buckland asked about his morning commute, but rather than hold the run-in against him, they bonded over their mutual hatred of public transport. That being said, the rude commuter didn't get the job -- but we hope he learned a valuable lesson.

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