Romance alert! 'The Night Shift' will heat up in season 2

First Look: 'The Night Shift' Season 2
First Look: 'The Night Shift' Season 2

Things are about to get hot and heavy at San Antonio Medical Center.

Season 2 of NBC's "The Night Shift" is kicking off tonight and after the scary hostage season that ended season 1 – the show's cast confirmed that this next year will be less about bullets whizzing by and more about sparks flying.

"There is a lot more romance this season," Jeananne Goossen, who plays Krista, says. "I think we get to indulge in that a little more this year."

Of course, Goossen is talking about the love affair between TC Callahan (Eoin Macken) and Dr. Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint). The on-again, off-again couple has finally rekindled their romance and it looks like things may actually work out for the pair despite their previous bumps in the road.

With romance, there is of course the drama! The beef between Alexander's ex Dr. Scott Clemens (Scott Wolf) and TC seems bigger than ever and only time will tell if the docs will be able to bury the hatchet.

To balance out all that testosterone in the operating room, the show is also bringing on a new hippie doctor (Adam Rodriguez) who rides a skateboard through the hospital halls and does yoga in between operations.

It is safe to say that "The Night Shift" is ready to return this season with a lot of new twists, turns, and of course, amazing medical saves.

Watch the season premiere of "The Night Shift" tonight at 10/9c – only on NBC.