Kelly Ripa reveals she creeped out Madonna by smelling her

Kelly Ripa Reveals She Creeped Out Madonna by Smelling Her
Kelly Ripa Reveals She Creeped Out Madonna by Smelling Her

Kelly Ripa has idolized Madonna ever since she was in high school.

So, naturally, she was ecstatic when she got invited to Madonna's Oscars party a few years back. Maybe even a little too ecstatic...

"I gave her a full hug, and then I, like, I inhaled her hair like a weirdo," said Kelly Ripa on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"What do you mean you inhaled her hair?" asked Jimmy Kimmel.

"She smelled like gardenias," said Kelly. "I said, 'Mmm, you smell so good. She goes, 'Okay, that's all right.'"

Kelly admitted she's a bit of a stalker when it comes to celebrities.

She told Jimmy Kimmel she loves to take selfies with the stars she runs into, and they try to avoid her at all costs.

But she shouldn't feel too bad - stalking celebs at the Oscars is part of her job, after all!

Kelly and her "Live! With Kelly and Michael" co-host Michael Strahan have hosted their big After Oscar show the morning after the big event for four years now.

And their main guest this year will be the Oscars host himself, Neil Patrick Harris. We can't wait to see if Kelly will want to get a whiff of him, too.

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