89-year-old grandpa surprises Tinder dates, and their reactions are amazing

89-Year-Old Grandpa Surprises Tinder Dates - See Their Reactions!
89-Year-Old Grandpa Surprises Tinder Dates - See Their Reactions!

by Rebecca Zamer of Inside Edition

Many people use Tinder to find a love interest, but can you imagine an 89-year-old joining?

Ethan Cole, who makes a lot of videos with his hysterical grandfather, Joe, had the bright idea to sign Joe up for Tinder ... maybe for Ethan's own selfish desires to meet the ladies following their surprise.

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Heres the catch: Instead of using a current picture of his grandfather, they dug one up of him when he was actually 21 years old. They listed him as a filmmaker and five ladies agreed to meet him for a date. The ladies believed that they were being filmed for a documentary.

When they show up at a restaurant and see an adorable older man, you can only imagine their hysterical and shocked expressions. While it wasn't what they were expecting, Joe brought his game and sparked some interesting conversation topics.

They discussed everything from skydiving to rap music, and he even got a little naughty.

We spoke to Josh Shultz from Slow Clap, the company that created the video. They have an entire series featuring Joe. It's called "Explaining Things to My Grandfather."

"They truly have a special relationship. Ethan treats Joe like he would treat his buddies, and they banter like two friends would," Josh explained. "It all started at a family dinner where Ethan spent a long while trying to explain how Tinder works to Joe."

We only wish that we could have a grandfather that's as awesome as Joe!

"[Joe] often puts Ethan in his place, and proves that he is more of a master of these modern concepts than his grandson ever could be. We often say that Joe is cooler than any millennial we've ever met. He is up for anything, and is really open to trying new things younger people are up to, without passing judgment. He really is the coolest grandfather around," Josh said.

Not everyone loved the video, though. Bustle called it 'awkward' and 'disrespectful,' noting that it's not nice to waste other people's time, and that it made women seem like 'punch lines.'

What do you think? Is this funny or unfair? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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