Rare pearl found inside seafood stew worth over $10K

Rare Pearl Found Inside Seafood Stew Worth Over 10K

Few things are worse than biting into something rock hard when you're enjoying a nice meal.

Any number of nightmarish items have made their way onto restaurant plates. In 2012, a teenager bit into a severed finger in his Arby's sandwich -- and last year, a New York man sliced into a rat baked into his birthday cake.

Needless to say, when Mike Serino chomped down on something that felt like a rock in a bowl of stew six years ago, he probably didn't think it was going to end well.

Rare pearl found inside seafood stew worth over $10K
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Rare pearl found inside seafood stew worth over $10K
The Swampscott Massachusetts police officer discovered that the item was an egg-shaped purple stone hidden in some seafood stew at a local Peabody restaurant. He tells CBS Boston that at the time, he thought it was pretty, so he took it home and left it in a jewelry box.

After seeing a news story about a similar find being valuable, Serino dug up the stone, learning that the rock is really a six-carat rare lavender pearl worth about $15,000. The ring was authenticated and is set to hit the auction block at Kaminski's next month.

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